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Modules and Applications

eFaps has a list od modules and applications that together form the base of a configurable ERP implementation.

Module / ApplicationDescription
eFaps-APIAPI's for eFaps
eFaps-CLIThe Command Line Interface for eFaps
eFaps-DockerDocker files and docker-compose files
eFaps-EQLThe modul providing the eFaps Query Language
eFaps-JSONJSON module for eFaps
eFaps-KernelThe kernel and motor of the whole system
eFaps-Kernel-InstallCI for base installation and administration
eFaps-ParentParent pom
eFaps-TestsModule that permits to test the CI-Items of eFaps Applications. e.g. for responding DBProperties
eFaps-WebAppDefault Webapplication for the eFaps Framework
eFaps-WebApp-InstallCI for the Web Application
eFaps-KeycloakKeycloak implementation
eFapsApp-ArchivesGeneral file management
eFapsApp-AssetsBasic asset management
eFapsApp-CommonsBasic Documents, Currency etc.
eFapsApp-ConsoleProvides an administration console
eFapsApp-ContactsProvides Contacts, like Clients, Providers etc.
eFapsApp-CostumersProvides Costumers management.
eFapsApp-DataData export, import, manipulation utilities.
eFapsApp-ElectronicBillingElectronic Billing utilities.
eFapsApp-FabricationFabrication/Production management.
eFapsApp-HumanResourceHuman Resource management.
eFapsApp-ImportExportImport and Export management.
eFapsApp-IssuesIssue management.
eFapsApp-LocationsLocations management.
eFapsApp-LogbackApplication that integrates Logback
eFapsApp-MailMail implementation.
eFapsApp-PayrollPayroll implementation.
eFapsApp-PrintApplication enabeling Printing via Server.
eFapsApp-ProductsProducts base application.
eFapsApp-ProjectsProjects base application.
eFapsApp-SalesMain Document management.
eFapsApp-TimeReportTimeReport management.

Source-Code Management

eFaps uses git and can be found on GitHub. The profile for the current valid code and relases is eFaps. Obsolete projects parts, modules and applications are moved to the eFaps-Retired profile.

Issues Management

eFaps uses the Issues Management provided by GitHub. An overview of the current pending Issues can be visited on Waffle.io.

Continuous Integration

eFaps uses as a public Continuous Integration the CI provided by Travis CI. An overview of the current status can be seen also on Travis CI eFaps Project Page.


Most of the documentation is done directly in the code itself by using JavaDoc. Additional informations, explanations etc. is done by using the Wiki System from GitHub in the different modules and applications.

System ArchitectureBasic Architecture of eFaps
EQLeFaps Query Language
CommandsEQL - Commands